The Challenges of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Online Wills

Relating with several attorneys of online wills in different states with many challenges associated with an online will. Also, the process may involve several documents, including verified papers for each of the assets in the will. But is it still worth pushing for a DIY approach when working on an online will? Can it save you cost and time, or can it be free from some of the common mistakes and problems?

This article will consider some challenges first-time DIY creators may face when making a will online. It will also mention some of the most critical estate planning documents that every user should hold in high esteem. At Chamberlain, our services encompass adequate management of your resources without starting with an attorney. Yet, you will have access to professional help with all the documents you need to prepare and how to use them. 

First, can we differentiate between an online will using the DIY approach and hiring a professional?

Online Will vs Hiring a Professional Attorney

After hearing about the DIY approach to creating an online will, many people still have reservations about it. This case may occur because you consider some of the complications associated with what you are trying to do. Besides, common recommendations out there for online will may not sufficiently cover drawing up the proper financial boundaries. At the same time, it will need to answer all your questions. 

Overcoming these challenges begins with knowing the difference between the two sides and when to use each. No doubt, it is easier to log on to a site and fill in a few blanks in silence rather than spend hours with an attorney. This session will discover your doubts and concerns about your property after death. Moreover, not everyone is comfortable talking about their death and what happens afterwards. 

Another matter of concern is your taxes. Suppose you prepare your taxes and there are omissions, limitations or any other mistakes along the line. That will not only cost some extra money, but it will also take time to work out a permanent solution. One thing to remember amidst these challenges is why you are doing all these things. It is for your family to be at peace after your departure.

Today, there are many DIY options that a new person trying to make an online will can take advantage of. Apart from filling out a form online, some service providers allow you to use online software to provide information. These tools can also generate a will that can be further processed. On the other hand, others may allow you to download the software for creating an online will and use it. Either way, the options are there to choose from and buy at affordable prices.

How an online will enables good estate planning

How will the viability of your online produce good estate planning? Good estate planning also refers to your life plan for your properties and assets. Every reasonable attorney recognizes that having the proper documents with all the details makes your work accessible in probate court. Moreover, it guarantees that other court cases cannot arise from that process in the future after completing the task. 

Four vital documents that make up the estate plan include the following;

  • A will
  • A trust
  • A power of attorney for financial cases
  • An advanced health care directive

Summary of the Pros and Cons of DIY in Online Will Creation

There are many pros with cons of a DIY approach to online will creation. These features range from having a plan to saving costs and time. Taking this approach is far better than not having one at all. Whichever of the three documents you need can cover all levels of properties that you may have. However, the services may differ from provider to provider regarding the information they provide you. Not only should you know what you want, but you should also understand the specifics of your family dynamics. 

Reservations about DIY Online Wills

Based on our years of experience, we have come to understand that many people make assumptions about having a will. Also, those who have even heard about the online will not completely understand how it works or is created. Everyone must be responsible for determining what happens to their assets after passing on. Or you may not fully understand the fundamental law and regulations about the state probate code.

When you finally decide to get an attorney specializing in managing your estate plan that is many jobs. Similarly, you may need to interview one or two attorneys with different perspectives. The perspectives may include relationships, payments, follow-up and interpretation of wills. Suppose you also have a trusted individual, such as your account manager or financial planner. In that case, it is time to involve them in your affairs. You can also seek some other professional help for excellent results. 

Some myths that people have about creating their own online will

People’s reservations about using the DIY approach to create a will may be due to some myths. Some of such myths may have lasted for several years without being disproved. But we will take a quick look at these myths and truths that counters them;

  1. Being too young to make an online will

Anyone 18 and above have reached the legal age to have a will. Another critical factor is that the person must have a clear and sound mind when creating a will. 

  1. Will is for rich guys

No. Wills, including an online will, are for both the rich and poor, irrespective of the value of properties one has. In case of not reach 18, there is a need for a temporary custodian.

  1. Making a will is expensive 

If you consider making a will to be costly, then that is more reason why you should use an online will. This will saves you time and cost with ease.


In conclusion, whichever way to choose to create and execute your online will, you can still explore the DIY approach. Moreover, if you need an attorney’s experience, you can inquire at Chamberlain to provide you with all the needed help. Also, despite all the surprises, making a good plan will save everyone a lot of stress.